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Love Yourself Some You

            With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is on the mind. I’d like to use this occasion to remind you of the most important love affair of all and that is the one with yourself. I first began collecting and publishing love letters from women to their younger selves over a year ago. Successful women took off their shine to virally mentor those women who are still in the struggle. What I didn’t expect (nor did they) was the deep, cathartic work the writers would undertake. As I began to interview them about the process, it became clear I was on to something amazing. Since that time, I’ve been gifted stunning letters by incredible women. Donna Brazile, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, shared that she felt it was important to reflect, pause, and give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished. Emily Nolan, a plus-sized model and author, expressed the deep love she found for herself after years of severe body dysmorphia. Many themes bubbled up around forgiveness, boundaries within relationships and learning to ask for what you want in your life. Every woman shared how important the work had been, but one message stood out among the rest and on the heels of Valentine’s Day, consider it our gift:

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Kaia Girl Success Story: Michelle T.

There are those times when the couch occasionally wins out over going to the gym. And then there are those times where you truly find yourself in a fitness funk. If you’ve ever experienced any amount of a lack of fitness motivation, you know that it sometimes takes some extra support, an important goal, or even just some fresh excitement to get you back on board. 

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Kaia Girl Success Story: Michele

Sometimes it’s when you go about your day, doing your normal day-to-day activities, that you really start to appreciate the hard work you do in the gym. Michele Oatman of Woodland, California decided to try a few group classes at Kaia FIT to lose a 8-10lbs., have some fun, and just overall be more challenged in her workouts. What she found was that her daily activities got easier to do as she got stronger. Her diet started to include new foods she’d never even heard of. And something else? She lost far more than her original goal of 8-10lbs., all the while gaining a team of friends and coaches to support her along the way!

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How to Make Your 2017 New Year's Resolutions Stick for Good

It has been said that some 4,000 years ago, ancient Babylonians began the time-honored tradition of making resolutions on the eve of the coming year. While new year resolutions today have changed quite a bit, the theory continues to remain the same: to set positive intentions and promise to better oneself in the year ahead. To help you resolve to finally keep your own new year's resolutions, we’ve devised the best how-to plan for the best you in 2017!

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Kaia Girl Success Story: Julie

Sometimes all it takes to eat healthier and to get into better shape, is a little help from your friends. Julie Vogt from Woodland, California was first introduced to Kaia FIT through a friend, and now not only is her dinner plate more balanced, her waistline is a little slimmer! Read up on how Julie made just a few changes to her lifestyle, found more energy, and is currently setting and achieving new goals right and left!

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