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5 Reasons to love Kaia Fit as much as we do!

Who wants to like working out when you can love it?! Kaia FIT is at the forefront of change when it comes to gyms and fitness. Instead of enrolling in a big box gym where you can get lost behind the multiple rows of cardio machines, we take a more individual approach to getting into shape. Here’s how we customize your journey and why you will soon love Kaia FIT as much as we do!

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Fall Fitness Activities You And Your Family Can Enjoy

With the changing of the leaves, fall is also the perfect time to get active and change up your workouts! Before the snow falls, get your family on board to making fitness a fun and regular habit by getting outside for a few fun fall fitness activities. Here are our top 10 ways to celebrate both the autumn season and encourage you to start this chapter of the year on the right foot!

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How to avoid eating your kids' halloween candy

One. Maybe two. Ok, just one more. The dance around the Halloween candy bowl sadly probably won’t burn off all the Halloween candy you eat, or any other yummy seasonal snacks. And when Halloween candy size candy is roughly 80-100 calories a piece, calories start to add up quickly!

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10 Healthy Recipes to Make This Halloween a Hauntingly Good Time!

Halloween is often a time when truck loads of Halloween candy magically appears in your houshold and sometimes even haunts you from the freezer weeks later. But this year is going to be all about finding a better balance between healthy bites and sweet treats! Kick your fall off on a healthy note by getting friends and family into the kitchen for these Halloween-inspired recipes!

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3 Ways to Bust Out of a Workout Rut

If your workouts have been about as exciting as watching water boil, you’ve officially hit a workout rut! While we all go in and out of having enough time, energy, or even interest in working out, the longer you stay in a rut. So, if you’ve started finding yourself having a tougher time than usual getting yourself game-face ready, we’ve got a few ways to help get your exercise enthusiasm back to stay!

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